Respiration in Bacteria

Respiration in Bacteria
Respiration in Bacteria

On the basis of respiration, bacteria can be divided into the following categories-
  1. Obligate Aerobes
  2. Obligate Anaerobes
  3. Facultative Aerobes
  4. Facultative Anaerobes

Obligate Aerobes
These bacteria have oxygen respiration, so oxygen is necessary for their growth. They die in the absence of oxygen—eg Bacillus subtilis.

Obligate Anaerobes

These bacteria undergo anaerobic respiration and die in the presence of oxygen—eg Clostridium botulinum.

Facultative Aerobes

These bacteria are initially anaerobic but under special conditions they also do oxo-respiration—eg photosynthetic bacteria.

Facultative Anaerobes

Initially, these bacteria are aerobic, but depending on the conditions, they also do anaerobic respiration – example, Clostridium tetani.

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