Economic Importance of yeast

Economic Importance of yeast
Economic Importance of yeast

Some of the important functions of yeast cells are as follows -

Beneficial Activities of Yeast
  1. In Backing Industry – Yeast is used in making bread. Fermentation is done by adding yeast to the wet flour. Yeast converts starch into sugar and sugar into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol with the help of zymase enzymes. Carbon dioxide comes out in the form of small bulges. This flour is filled in the bread mold and kept in a hot furnace, due to which the bread becomes puffy and porous.
  2. In Medicines – Tablets are prepared by mixing yeast with vitamins. These pills are useful in stomach diseases.
  3. As Food- Because yeast contains a lot of proteins, vitamins and enzymes, its tablets are made and used.
  4. In Alcohol Industry – Yeast cells convert sugar solution by fermentation. Invertase and zymase enzymes produced by yeast take part in this process. Some yeasts that are used to make wine float on the top of the sugar solution.

Harmful Activities of Yeast

  1. Many food items, such as fruits, cheese, etc. are destroyed by yeast.
  2. Some species of yeast also cause some diseases in humans and their effects also spread diseases of skin, lungs, nails, which is called Cryptococcus meningitis. They also spread the disease of skin, lungs, nails which is called Moniliasis.
  3. Some species of yeasts cause diseases in plants (in tomato, cotton etc.).
  4. Yeast harms the insects used in the silk industry.

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